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Need an "About RepSnapper" page. There is nothing here to tell me what RepSnapper is or why I should care.

There isn't much information about Repsnapper, Period. Whoever created it or is maintaining it certainly isn't documenting it. It does seem like a few people are now developing it, so hopefully this will change.--Buback 20:10, 27 October 2010 (UTC)

Be careful using this if you have a huxley

I recently purchased a TechZone huxley kit. It is fully built now and I wanted to begin printing. For some reason I can't get RepRap Host to work properly on my Linux, and it won't even start on my PC so I downloaded this.

BEWARE: Make sure you place a pause statement in the start of your G-Code before you tell it to print OR wait for the tip to get ready. "Why?" you may ask? The answer is that RepSnapper doesn't wait for the extruder tip to be ready for printing before it starts moving and pushing filament. Twice now I have had to place my extruder tip back into its housing after it has been pushed out by the extruder. The first time this happened, the hot end damaged by brand new heated bed. Luckily I decided to remove it until I got this straightened out. Unfortunately, after the first incident I noticed that the wire to the nichrome wire had been pulled loose, so I assumed that it occurred because the hot end wasn't getting power. It happened again, but this time the hot end was working. What's really frustrating is that after all this, the hot end finally melts the plastic in it and then it starts oozing out all over the bed making a mess.

Moral of the story -- Make sure the hot end has been sufficiently heated prior to beginning a print. I may be naive in my thought that the host program would have known to do that, but I'm definitely going to be having pause statements in my G Code just to make sure.