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I wrote this warning:

WARNING: Users are reporting some problems on this machine (mainly on X axis) and it prints parts with bad quality, mainly the small holes and small segment lines -- see here and here.

Buback undo and told "mine works fine, your issues are your own. this doesn't need to go on the front page".

This problem is not an issue of own, since there are a few users with this problem as on the links I did refer. I believe this warning should stay on this Mendel 1st page so new users can know about this problems and evaluate before decide to buy the material for Mendel. If there was a page about bugs/know problems about Mendel, this warning should be placed there. Until them, I believe it should stay on this page.


moved from the page

Reorganization (Working Notes)

RepRap_Version_II_"Mendel" should be moved here. This is currently casual/working Notes, as opposed to formal documentation.


I think we need a "Mendel" subforum on the forum, along with: Machines/Mendel Machines/Darwin Machines/McWire

along with Machines/Wood Repstraps Machines/Metal Repstraps Machines/Makerbot

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