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I have not been active on the Reprap forums for some time. Just coming back, I was reading through the electronics forum and found a link to the comparison of various boards and electronics packages. As someone who has lost touch with the current generation of electronics, I can somewhat look at this as a complete newcomer. And while the spreadsheet has some useful information (and a LOT of question marks), I can see how this table will still leave a newcomer completely bewildered.

  I suggest adding some columns for :

1) Total cost of electronics package, including a minimum of 4 stepper drivers, 2 temperature, and two heater power outputs 2) is this version available in completely assembled, fully stocked kit with instructions and diagrams, PC board and parts list and circuit diagram, or circuit diagram and PC pattern only 3) Difficulty of build. Obviously easy for pre-assmebled, hard for schematic and trace pattern only 4) Has this electronics package been tried on Mendel? Prusa? MegaMendal? etc. Should it have the number and drive power of stepper controllers, heat sensors and heater current controllers, end stops, etc to support each model? 5) What software tool chains have been run on this hardware? Which ones should easily be supported?

Many of these questions will best be answered by the designer of each electronics package. As such, it will be difficult to assemble all the answers, and easy on one design may be tougher than hard on another, but this is the kind of information that a newcomer, still trying to decide which reprap to build with what electronics and what software tool chain will need to make an informed opinion.