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Removal of warning / Mecano OK with name change

Mecano contacted me, he is ok with the name change, so i removed all warnings from the pages, i am sorry the warning was on for such a long time. I forgot to take it down, as I was planning to keep it there for only a few days. I am glad this is resolved, as i got questions from people who had built this machine variation and had big trouble with it, and wanted to know from me if Prusa really designed this. I am sure Mecano acted in complete respect to everybody involved, and I am happy we fixed this, with permission of Mecano.

Again, i am sorry i forgot to take the warning down earlier. If there is anything i can do to help more, contact me, i will.

--Sikko 09:37, 24 January 2013 (UTC)

Reaction from Mecano

I've noticed the problem on January 23. As I could, I have changed the name of the redesign to RepRap Air.

When you read the article I think it is very clear my total respect for the work of Josef Prusa. Furthermore, the author of the redesign me, Mecano, and I am responsible for any shortcomings that have the Reprap Air, which has, so the change to create the Air2.

As far as possible, I'll try to change all references to Prusa Air that is in my power to change. Sorry if at some point I created confusion.

Mecano 23:32, 23 January 2013 (UTC)

the warning

The warning has recently been placed on the wiki page. This seems excessive without evidence. There are two warnings:

1. this design is not by Prusa, this is true but the design clearly decends from the sells/pruse mendel. Many other derivatives have been made and nobody is really confused. the designer is clearly stated in the infobox.

2. the design is too weak. This might be true or not but this is not something in need of the big fat red warning box. A separate section on issues with the current design is the right way to adress these kind of problems. There are even two solutions: make it in aluminum and build a prusa i2. the latter is a desision the person building a 3d printer, a comparison section might be usefull there.

For the record I have build a prusa i2 and am not planning to build an air2. Bitflusher 16:55, 24 September 2012 (UTC)

Explanation of thought process in adding the warning box

This warning is just because of the questions people seem to be having toward the name of the model, as it has led to confusion already in a number of cases. This has been explained before, but was not changed. Josef and more ppl have been discussing this on IRC a few times in the last months. Today i asked him how to handle it, and he and others on the chan were OK with the warning, as it led to confusion there too.

If I call my product "Sony Walkman" and have a line in the documentation stating it is by me, would they agree? I don't think so. The name does make a difference in people's expectations.

The problem is mostly that it has the name Prusa in it, so people think it is a "Josef Prusa-approved model", while the general consensus in the community seems to be that the acrylic plates are unsuited for the task. Josef himself discourages use of this variant as well, for the reasons mentioned in the warning.

I agree that it was not the best idea to name a model after a contributor, but this is something that happened by accident, and stuck around. The use of the name would be OK to me if the person being credited would be confident with the design, but that is not the case in this variant design.

When using different material for the frame this could also be avoided, that is why I added the part about the alu.

This is not meant as an attack, just as a clarification. I think there is nobody in the project against experimentation with different models :)

I think the best idea would be to rename this variant to avoid confusion, which is common practice within open source to avoid confusion between projects. I would also be ok with restyling the warning box, but think it should stay at the top of the page. --Sikko 20:50, 24 September 2012 (UTC)

Reaction to name change

I am sure this change by Avalero will stop the confusion, but i like to hear from Mecano as well, I hope he is ok with this, maybe he would like to go for "Mendel Air" "i2 Air" or another solution. After agreement from him I will gladly help with the rest of the page updates to change other instances.

Also, i have put this warning to two more pages: the and page. Maybe these pages will also need to be updated.

b.t.w. Avalero, I am glad this model is working for you, as there were some problems for other builders, that were eventually resolved by reverting to the i2 design. Im not trying to make problems, just trying to clarify. --Sikko 21:24, 24 September 2012 (UTC)