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SpaceXULA's RepRapUnion provides Mini Mendels for those groups that promise to help spread RepRap, or Wades Extruders and Prinstruders for those groups that have a RepStrap, but need an extruder.

At this time the Fees are:

$100 Mini Mendel (Current Version as ($50 back if you replace within a month)

$30 Prinstruder II ($15 back if you replace within a month)

$40 Wades Extruder ($20 back if you replace within a month)

The Terms

-To receive parts you must have Hackerspace (Don't have a Hackerspace? Start one, but you must have local partners for me to send you parts) with multiple members. (And have some way to confirm this to SpaceXULA's satisfaction).

-You must promise to form a bank once you have an operating RepRap.

-You must pay a deposit before parts are sent.

The Benefits

-SpaceXULA promises to support you though to completion of your project, you are getting a relationship. You get the parts, and if you need more parts because you break them, or the design changes before you can get your own printer operational, he will provide them.

-If SpaceXULA receives a set of parts back from you within 1 month of the day you receive the parts, he will PayPal back to you 1/2 the cost of the part to you.



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Groups Accepted as members

Spawned Banks

Once you have your RepRap up and running, this where SpaceXULA get's to show off :)