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SmartrapCore | How to Get SmartrapCore | SmartrapCore Build Manual |

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Release status: working

Easy to build, cheap and profesional quality reprap.
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Vision: Goal

The SmartrapCore is our second reprap model. After the wonderful experience of the Smartrap, we learned a lot about desiging a kit that is accessible, easy to assemble, still cheap but with better quality. We started from a coreXY base and made a design respecting our constraints: - printed structure (easy to share, to update and hack from a big community, do-able at home by anyone with a printer) - no special operation on the box is needed, only simple tools like a hand drill is used. The box itself is very easy to get and assemble. - GPL : no restriction, ever!

We designed all of the printer parts in script (openjscad) with easy to integrate options like rods size , nema size, wood size, etc..

Features (in no order particular order):

  • Real Reprap: most of the structure should be printed, so it can easily print itself for machines. Only the common base should be bought at special shops (motors, hot end, controller, LM8UU linear bearings, endstops).
  • Simpler assembly: There should be no need for special tooling, ultra precision cuts, drills or even adjustments. The ultimate goal would be an assembly with no screws, where (almost) everything snaps together in place.
  • Open source!: Since it is GPL, you can build it, sell it, make a business of it etc. Everything is fine as long as you stay under the GPL licence.
  • Cheap as possible: Currently working with fishing line, printed linear bearings (not working well for me yet), and cheaper electronics (no heat bed, four motors, no fan).


Print size: From 150 x 150 x 150 to around 300 x 300 x 300.