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SDCC (Small Device C Compiler)

A few RepRap developers use Microchip PIC16F or PIC18F microcontrollers. They typically use the SDCC compiler, because it is the only open-source compiler that works with the PIC16F family.

The SDCC compiler also works with many other microcontrollers -- but, alas, SDCC doesn't work with the Atmel AVR used in the latest RepRap Options.

We're mostly running this from Debian/Ubuntu machines, so we've built our own DEB files of the version needed for our autoconf process. Vik isn't that familiar with either the sdcc code, or the process of making neat DEB files, so they may well not be perfect. If you can improve on them, please do. I used as a reference. Note that the version for DEB packages now lives at the top of debian/changelog rather than being dependent on the parent directory name.

The attached files were created by downloading the sdcc source package with wajig source sdcc, fetching the latest 2.7.4 files from the sdcc repository on SourceForge with

svn co

and replacing the Debian package source directory with the one fetched from SourceForge. You must replace, not just copy or there will be file conflicts.

-- Main.VikOlliver - 29 Oct 2007

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