Rostock Mini Pro Build Manual

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Rostock_Mini_Pro Documentation


Bowden Extrusion

Count Item
2 Push-in Fitting Specification unknown.
2 Teflon Tubing Inner/outer diameter, length unknown.
1 22-Teeth Steel Gear Modulus, size unknown.

Linear Motion

1x 625ZZ Bearing
6x LM8UU Bearing
6x 608ZZ Bearing
12x Traxxas 5347 U-joints
3x GT-2 36 Pulley
3x GT-2 Belt (1m)
3x Belt Spring Tensioner


3x Endstopper
1x RAMPS 1.4 Assembled (modified for laptop charger)
3x Nema 17 Motor
1x Nema 17 Motor coupled with Planetary Gearbox
1x 12V 10A Laptop Charger


6x 8mm Hardened Zinc-coated Precision Rod (49cm)
6x 3K Carbon Fiber Tubes (15cm)
1x Acrylic Top Plate
1x Acrylic Bottom Plate
16x Rostock Mini Pro Printed Parts


1x J-head MKIV Hotend
30x 3mm Zip-ties
Various Bolts and Nuts