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Welcome to reprap-dev, RepRap's officially technical-but-friendly mailing list for all you officially technical-but-friendly people out there!

Guidelines: hmmm ... please be nice to one another! :D

This list is for technical-type-development.

If you're looking for technical support (and don't have a patch or a well-defined bug report), try us in:

Likewise, philosophical blue-sky discussion of self-reproduction and should probably go in reprap-users. (So that we can focus on making it happen.) Likewise, juicy gossip about our suppliers or "meta"-development issues about how, where, why, or if we are organized.

And, speaking of "where", if you're interested in helping us build a documentation system that's even more fun to use, try:


We need to work on "Tone", that is, sense of community in reprap-dev= If you think something is "off-topic" for reprap-dev, the best way to deal with it is to very gently bounce it to an existing mailing list which is on-topic for that subject. Email one of the more senior folk who will gladly do up a new mailing list for you or the new topic.

We need to keep the list friendly so that we have a chance to be welcoming when someone parachutes in with a new machine idea.

EDIT: We need to make this actually welcoming in tone.

Guidelines for [email protected]


Reprap-dev is for the discussion of actual Reprap development work --
things people are doing to improve Reprap.


Discussion of modifications made to any aspect of Reprap machines
(bot, electronics, firmware, host software, extruders, etc.) and how
much difference they make is welcomed.

Discussion of a new unique replicating machine design you are
currently implementing is welcomed.

Discussion of improvements to Reprap infrastructure (forums, lists,
wiki, version control system, ...) is currently OK, but if it becomes
a large fraction of total list traffic, it may be better to discuss
this elsewhere.

Discussion of development work on Reprap-related items such as pellet
extruders or new slicing software is OK, as long as it does not become
a large fraction of total list traffic.


Discussion of how to build an existing released Reprap machine, or
problems encountered while trying to build one, is better done in
reprap-users, unless it is clear that the issue affects several
Reprappers and requires some sort of redesign.

Discussion of long term philosophical ideas is better done in

Discussion of these guidelines, or whether certain posts meet them or
not, is MUCH better done by email to the list owners,
[email protected]

Advertisements for commercial products or services, even if
reprap-related, are inappropriate here.


Please adjust the Subject: line of all posts to accurately reflect 
the topic of your message.

Please do not reply to part of a message digest without rewriting
the subject line.


Please quote only as much of a message you are responding to as is
necessary to provide context.  The list is archived, there is no need
to quote entire messages.  

Please do not top post, leaving the entire original message below your
response.  This is hard to read logically.

Please do attribute quoted material accurately.


Questioning or attacking ideas is OK.  Attacking people is not.

Please remain civil even if upset or strongly disagreeing with a post.


reprap-dev is archived at

This archive is public.


Questions about whether something is on topic, or meets these
guidelines, should be addressed only to the list owners, at
[email protected] , and should not be posted to the
list itself.

Jonathan Marsden
[email protected]