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Release status: Working

Replicape A4A.JPG
BeagleBone Black add-on board
CAD Models
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Replicape is an add-on board (Cape) for Wikipedia:BeagleBone and Wikipedia:BeagleBone Black enabling 3D-printing. It uses a standard Linux distribution (Ångstrom/Debian) for running the Gcode daemon (Redeem) and real-time stepper timings is handled by the two on-chip Programmable Realtime Units (PRU) present on BeagleBone. The 5 stepper motor drivers are Trinamic TMC2100 with programmable microstepping (1-32) handled via SPI and use of serial to parallel chips. They are SMD. Stepper current is programmable with use of a DAC controlled with I2C. Additional capes can be stacked on top for additional functionality, including Reach which extends the number of extruders to 5.


Replicape Revision A4A is the work of Elias Bakken, with contributions from Stoneshop (Rev A3 complete layout change) and Dirk Eichel (help with heater MosFet EMC considerations and lots of input on DC-DC step down layout etc.) The board has been designed for volume production, but can be soldered in a reflow oven. The accompanying firmware is written in Python for easy extendability with the path planner implemented in C and based on the Repetier firmware.


  • High power stepper drivers (DRV8825 on Rev A, TMC2100 on Rev B)
  • Individually programmable stepper current and microstepping
  • Designed for two extruders and heated bed
  • Based on a powerful development board (BeagleBone Black)
  • Fused at 20A (standard car fuse) for PCB and component protection
  • Expansion connector with 3 DAC channels and 5 PWM channels (used by Reach)
  • All heater MosFets have MosFet drivers for cool runnings.
  • On board DC-DC voltage regulators for 12V and 5V allows single 24V PSU.
  • Firmware written in Python, path planner in C, stepper timings in Assembly
  • LEDs for indicating MosFet state, power and fuse blown.

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Wiring diagram

Replicape-wire-diagram-a4a.png Replicape B3 bb.png

Hardware CAD files

Schematics, layout and BOM can be found on Bitbucket:
For convenience, here they are as PNGs:

How to get it

An updated guide for Replicape Rev A: can be found here and the guide for Replicape Rev B: is located here Assembled boards are available from the thing-printer webshop: