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A repstrap is a 3D printer cobbled together from whatever parts you can find, which will eventually allow you to print the parts for a reprap machine, or to simply use as a stand alone machine. Derived from the term bootstrap, as in "to pull yourself up by your bootstraps"

A RepStrap is a open-hardware rapid prototyping machine which is made by fabrication processes which aren't under the RepRap umbrella yet. These are becoming less and less common as RepRap printed parts become more available, but are still an option. You can build a 3D printer RepStrap using a tablesaw, or using a lasercutter, and use this to make fun, beautiful, useful things.

Like RepRap parts, of course!

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Which RepStrap is Right for Me?

This page is a list of all RepStraps. Feel free to browse the versions listed here, or see the page What Tooling Do You Have to see what you can make with what you have.