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RepSnapper Manual

NOTE: At begin the RepSnapper code were hosted/developed at but now is on , so please grab the latest code from git.

Windows / MAC Installation


  1. download RepSnapper.exe here
  2. run RepSnapper using RepSnapper.exe (you will need OpenGL)


David Buzz made a binary distribution, you can get it here: (RepSnapper-01-09-2010.dmg at the bottom of the page)

Linux Installation

Dependancy Installation

Although RepSnapper is not generally tested outside of window/linux/mac you may be able to get it running on other OS's. To do so you will need the following:

  • gcc and stuff
  • OpenGL
  • SVN
  • libfltk1.1
  • libfltk1.1-dev
  • libglut3
  • libglut3-dev
  • libboost1.37 and -dev (or higher version)

Preparing a build Debian/Ubuntu

On Linux Ubuntu you can find on the software repositories, the programs and libraries noted on Dependancy Installation section.

RepSnapper Download

You can download the RepSnapper source using git: git clone git://

RepSnapper Installation

cd repsnapper/src
make clean

(If you get a file/directory does not exist error (e.g. if using ubuntu 10.04) try this:)

cd RepSnapper/Libraries/xml/
cd ../../Src/

OS-X Eclipse Project (development)

As a new feature RepSnapper now comes with an Eclipse Galileo(3.5) project.

Grab a svn client like kdesvn and start the download.

Grab the Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers from the download page

Throw in an additional SVN plugin - Help | Install New Software...

Eclipse is Java and that means a svn wrapper. So shut down Eclipse and get it.

sudo  apt-get install libsvn-java

Ubuntu users may wish to open the System|Administration|Synaptic Package Manager and do a quick search for libsvn instead as that will ensure Eclipse can find it.

When the donwload is complete enter the Eclipse folder in the repository and read the Readme.txt for last minute instructions.

At some point you'll need to reboot, so if you haven't done it before do it now.

Notice that while you downloaded the code with kdesvn you can now use svn directly from eclipse.

The build all works and so does the run and debug functionality, enjoy.

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