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RepRaps History

Graph of working RepRaps

The numbers in between the [brackets] are just guesses.

Spring 2007 - The first RepRap Darwin was finished. Its RP parts were made in a Stratasys Dimension.


During that summer we made four or five sets of parts for the machine in the Stratasys and sent them to RepRap team members round the world.

30 September 2007 - Vik Olliver in New Zealand finished the second Darwin.


Around Christmas 2007 - A number of people start to make wooden and lasercut copies of Darwin. The Bath RepRap Lab also supplied a Stratasys-printed set of Darwin parts to Ian Adkins of Bits from Bytes, who created silicone moulds from them and started selling Darwin copies made by PU moulding.


February 21, 2008 - Zach Smith (now also of MakerBot) gets his Darwin working.


February 22, 2008 - Ponoko have a lasercut version of Darwin.

Spring 2008 - Lots of the wooden and moulded Darwin-type Repstraps are working, and people start using them to print RepRaps.

April 2008 - Nophead starts printing Darwin parts on his Repstrap Hydraraptor.


29 May 2008 - Vik Olliver's Darwin has made a full set of parts for another Darwin; these are assembled in New Zealand and finally tested when he visits at Bath University in the UK. This is the first true RepRap replication.


Summer 2009 - RepRap Mendel introduced.


Around this time Nophead, I, and many others went into serious production selling reprapped sets of parts for RepRaps made in RepRap machines on Ebay etc.

Summer 2010


Spring 2011

Nophead alone has made over 100 RepRaps for other people. I have made over 50.