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When you download the RepRap distribution from Sourceforge here you will get a file called The nnnnnn is the name of the current RepRap machine ("mendel" at the time of writing), and yyyymmdd is the date of the release. When you unzip that file it will create a directory called reprap-nnnnnn-yyyymmdd. This page tells you what's in that directory.

Licences and README

There are three files in the directory for these:


The README.txt is the same as README; it's just there because Windows likes to have file extensions to hold its hand when it's deciding what to do with things. These three files are pretty self-explanatory.

Programs you run

There are two of these, one for Linux and one for Windows:


These are both scripts. When reprap is run on Linux, and when reprap.bat is run on Windows, they configure the computer correctly then run the RepRap host software that allows you to build things in your RepRap machine.

The RepRap design files

Java files

These are the files that you need to run RepRap on your computer. The main one is:


This is the actual RepRap Java program. There is then a bunch of Java libraries that RepRap needs:


j3dcore-d3d.dll j3dcore-ogl-cg.dll j3dcore-ogl-chk.dll j3dcore-ogl.dll mendel

reprap-icon.png reprap-wv.stl rr-logo-green-url.png rxtxParallel.dll rxtxSerial.dll src