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Mendel Documentation
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The RepRap II: Mendel is open source hardware and so there is not a single place to buy it but rather many options. This competition is encouraged so that prices become lower over time. Below is a list of places to find Mendel parts and/or kits.

For a spreadsheet containing the complete Mendel parts list together with listings of suppliers, see this page.

Note: it is not necessary to purchase a kit, many RepStraps are available either to buy or to build that can be easily assembled with tools you may already own.

Listings on this page are in no way an endorsement of quality goods or service! Below is simply a list of suppliers; If you would like feedback on a particular buyer, head to the forums.


There are many words and abbreviations that reprapers uses that you will be unfamiliar with, so we have created a glossary to help make things clearer.

For Sale Forum

We run a For Sale/Wanted Forum where people who have sets of RepRap parts for sale can advertise the fact and others can post requests to buy. Caveat emptor - we try to keep complete rogues and con artists off this forum, but it is open to the entire planet. Don't send money unless you're confident that you know what you're doing.

Fully Assembled Mendel Kits

  • BotMill - they sell an Assembled Mendel in a variety of colors (Lemon Yellow, Florescent Red, Bright Blue, Black). RP parts produced on commercial Stratasys FDM machines

In Alphabetical Order

Mendel Parts Kits

Full Kits

  • BotMill - BotMill sells 3D printed Mendel parts, either pre-assembled or unassembled. (Available in select colors: Lemon Yellow, Florescent Red, Bright Blue, Black)
  • - sells true reprapped printed full kits (unassembled). (available in these colors: Black, Blue Translucent, Green, Natural, Silver and White)

Non RP Kits

  • flemingcnc - they sell a Mendel-alike called "Isaac" that is optimized to be produced commercially on a CNC machine.
  • techzonecom - they sell a Laser-Cut Mendel-alike and other parts and electronics. See: LaserCut_Mendel

Electrical and mechanical kits and parts

  • German RepRap Foundation (GRRF) - seller of fully assembled kits for RepRap Generation 3 electronics, plastruder parts, stepper motors, plastics (ABS), mechanics kits and RepStrap kits.
  • iPrint3D - seller of RepRap Generation 3 electronics
  • - Suppliers of RepRap parts and materials in Europe.
  • MakerGear - Plastruders, Parts, Filament, Surfaces, Platforms, Printed Parts and More
  • - Gen6 Electronics, Full Hardware kits, bearings, belts, aluminum and plastic Thick/Thin sheets, Kapton tape&film, extruder parts, stepper motors, SLS printed parts, reprapped plastics on pre-order.
  • REPRAP CENTRAL -Pre-assembled RepRap Mendels, RepRap Mendel Kits, Makerbot Thing-O-Matics and Cupcakes - ABS and PLA filament also available in various colours.
  • RepRap Kit - seller of plastic filament, bearings, etc. (UK)
  • RepRap Source - seller of plastic filament, older generation PCBs, and mechanical parts.
  • RepRap Stores - Multiple vendors and RepRappers selling kits, parts and materials
  • RepRap Parts Lister - generates shopping lists for a couple different stores. Currently limited to the Gen 3 electronics.
  • Pololu - Provider of a alternative stepper driver, for more information visit Pololu_Electronics
  • UltiMachine - seller of electronics, mechanical parts, and printing materials.
  • - Electronics Design Consultants. Supplies Reprap v1.2 Motherboards Worldwide.

Reprapped Parts Kits

  • Coming soon: RepRap Ltd. This is Adrian Bowyer's family business selling reprapped parts for RepRaps.
  • Reprapped Parts Kits and other components, some are on eBay.
  • - Reprapped plastics on pre-order, color options: natural, blue translucent, white, green, black and silver.

Non-kit Mendel Parts Suppliers

Stepper Motors



  • McMaster-Carr - ships to US addresses only (online) - one stop supplier for all the non-RR mechanical parts of Mendel.
  • Fastenal - Canada and US (stores/online) - supplies all non-RR mechanical parts except for the drive belts.
  • SDP/SI - Canada (online) - supplies non-RR mechanical parts including drive belts (unknown if they supply all non-RR parts or not).
  • MSC Industrial - US, Canada, Mexico (online) - good for nuts, bolts, threaded rod and washers, not much else
  • Small Parts - US, Canada, Mexico (online) - good for materials like PEEK and PTFE in small quantities
  • Bolt Depot US, maybe others - Metric bolts, nuts and washers.

Printing Materials Suppliers

For ABS/PLA/Etc. suppliers see Printing Material Suppliers

For-Sale Forum

Related Projects

  • Makerbot - seller of fully assembled/parts kits/pcb-only kits for RepRap Generation 3 electronics and plastruder parts. (NYC)
  • Bits from Bytes - seller of plastic filament and alternative (non RepRap standard) electronics.