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Entries on this page are in no way an endorsement of quality of goods or service. Below is simply a list of suppliers. Do your research by Googling <company_name RepRap forum> before you buy. This will usually find other reprappers' experience with a given company on our forums.

If you get bad service, say so on the forums and help other reprappers. Also say if you get good service (it is human nature to complain more than to praise; so do this to keep an objective balance). Links to RepRap Forum discussion on some suppliers is included for some below - follow the Reviews link after their name.

See here for details of how to get included on this page.

RepRap is open source hardware and so there is not a single place to buy it but rather many options. This competition is encouraged so that prices become lower over time. Below is a list of places to find RepRap parts or complete kits.


There are many words and abbreviations that reprappers use that you will be unfamiliar with, so we have created a glossary to help make things clearer. And since this a wiki, and since you're a reprap developer, we'd be honored if you edit it.

For Sale Forum

We run a For Sale/Wanted Forum where people who have sets of RepRap parts for sale can advertise the fact and others can post requests to buy. Caveat emptor - we try to keep complete rogues and con artists off this forum, but it is open to the entire planet. Don't send money unless you're confident that you know what you're doing.

Reviews of Vendors

To remain fair, all vendors that sell here are up for review. Please note that, because this is the internet, it is VERY easy to fake accounts. Please pay more attention to reviews of people that have 50-1000 posts in our forums than people that have 1 post and it's negative or positive. We have had some problems with vendors creating accounts and trashing other vendors, or posting good reviews for themselves.

Fully Assembled RepRaps

RepRap Parts Kits

Full Reprapped Kits

Everything you need with RepRap-printed parts.

Non-RP Kits

Everything you need with parts made other than in a RepRap.

RepRap Parts Kits

The parts of the RepRap machine made in RepRap machines.


RepRap Parts Webshops

Lots of people sell RepRap-printed RepRap parts on Ebay.

Electrical and mechanical kits and parts

The parts of a RepRap that it doesn't make for itself. See also the RepRap Marketplace and Job Shop.

Non-kit Parts Suppliers

Stepper Motors

For more stepper motor details, see this separate page.

Electrical and Electronic


Printing Materials Suppliers

For ABS/PLA/Etc. suppliers see Printing Material Suppliers.