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The meeting took place at Copa Bar, Reading, on the evening of 25th Nov 2011

Ian, Hannah and another brought their RepRaps to demonstrate. Samples of an impressive freshly designed and printed TVRRUG badge were shown. The print of the font was discussed and the need for a better font set for OpenSCAD was highlighted.

Malcolm presented an update to the those attending. It was a smaller group than the first meeting, but included most of those who are involved in the first planned build that consists of 20 machines.

The machine that will be built is a variant on the Mendal Prusa, we are calling it the TVRR-1. Decisions about threaded bar and smooth rod were decided in the IRC chats since the last Copa meetup. Plated threaded rod will be used, the concerns, expressed by some, about rusting have been allayed.

The heated bed and suppliers were discussed and the type and size was agreed.

Malcolm will setup a PayPal account as the preferred method for tracking funds for accounting purposes (Update: PP charges were higher than expected, so alternate payment methods have been implemented)

The first set of electronics PCB's have been received and Al is testing the boards for correctness. He will then build them and test for function. One or more workshops will be run to give people a chance to practice and improve their soldering skills.

Printed parts will be printed by those with RepRap already, the filament stock will be purchase to give a standard colour.

The second part of the meeting was occupied by technical questions to those with some experience and demo's of the RepRaps on display.

Please add any missing meeting notes here.