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First Steps FAQ

This page is intended to create an introductory guide for those new to RepRap, please add links or text that you think will help

YouTube Tutorials

For those new to RepRap you should watch the two parts of Malcolm Napier's presentation recorded at OGGCamp11 Part1 Part2

Follow on with this introduction to 3D printing

Visual guide to Makergear Prusa Mendel

Learning about different machines and price points

Useful Documents


Q: How do I get to the main wiki page, is there a short url?

A: there is a bitly shortlink, just type "" into your browser

Q: What electronics are used for the TVRRUG RepRap

A: @folknology is leading a project to create a custom set of e-modules. They will be Arduino compatible.

  Main controller unit
  Dual Stepper Controller unit (at least 2 required per machine)
  Optional Numeric unit
  Power Adapter unit

@folknology gave a tour of the electronics at an IRC meeting on 04/10/11, the minutes of which are on the google group.

Since then the design has been modified, which has also been discussed on the google group.

Q: Why are we not using Arduino?

A: the TVRRUG E-Mods will be more functional and lower cost, modular and easy to solder.

Q: What software tools are available?

A: There is a good list at Useful_Software_Packages We are using OpenSCAD for print design and EagleCAD for electronics.