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Penn State Hot Tip

Release status: unknown

Hot Tip.JPG
hot end for extruding plastic, made of brass, steel, and teflon.
CAD Models
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Solar Panel Project



Penn State has desiged and is manufacturing their own hot extruding tips. The hot tip consists of three components: The brass tip, the steel tube, and the teflon liner. The brass tip is made from brass bar stock supplied by the class. The tip is what extrudes the filament into layers. The steel tube holds the tip in place and screws into the extruder base plate. The teflon liner is inserted into the steel tube to allow the filament to slide easily into the brass tip. Using the manufactuing abilities that are available on campus, we are able to make brass tips with nozzle sizes of .5mm and .35mm.

This page is to store and organize information on hot tip production for future students and others intersted in learing about hot tips.

We are hoping to get .25mm tips made in the near future. Students working on the hot tip project are experienceing problems using drill bits that small. The attempt to make these fine tips with the CNC Lathe in the FAME lab is currently in progress.


Below are the solidwork files as well as the drawing for the hot tip. Additionally, a model of the plate used to hold the tip is included.

File:Tip brass.SLDPRT

File:Steel Tip.SLDPRT

File:Tip brass.SLDDRW

File:Tip steel.SLDDRW

File:Extruder Plate.SLDPRT

Detailed drawing of the brass tip
Detailed drawing of the steel tip
Model of the extruder plate

Bowden Extruder Prototype Design

The Bowden extruder design allows the extruder body/motor to be separated from the extruder plate so that just the plate and hot tip are attached to the carriage. A long piece of Teflon then connects the hot tip and extruder.

The current prototype design was created with the intention of being able to use existing hot tips and extruder plates. The hot tip steel body has to be slightly modified by extending the external threads. This allows the steel body to protrude about 0.300" through the other side where the drilled and tapped 1/8" brass plug is attached. Then, an 1/8" brass coupling is used to connect the brass plug and Teflon quick disconnect fitting.

Brass Coupling Hex Style P/N: 50785K91

Brass Plug Solid P/N: 50785K334

Bowden diagram 1.png
Bowden diagram 2.png
Bowden diagram 3.png

Delta Bot Extruder Plates

Below are two different designs for a Delta Bot extruder plate. One design is made with a center hole diameter of 5/16" - 24 threads per inch to accept the SCRUG hot tips. The other design has a slot milled out of it to accept Nate Myer's E3D J-head style hot tip. The SolidWorks files are below.

File:Delta Bot

Delta Bot Plates Pic.png