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This is a list of current Scrugmembers, that is, State College RepRap User Group members. Penn State's EDSGN 497J class is a open source 3D printing/ RepRap class. The majority of the scrugmembers are current students of EDSGN 497J, and the rest are alumni and people helping out with the class. Each member's name is a link to their personal page. Students have used this space for their blogs. Others have included links to projects they have participated in or articles that are interesting.

Fall 2013 Students Members since Spring 2013
Brandon Tunkel Zihao Liu (contributions)
Ian Beavers (contributions) Wild Bill Fabrizi (contributions)
Scott Milander (contributions) Michael Bilyk (contributions)
Crosby Owens (contributions) Djb5469 (contributions)
Matt Digel Carina (contributions)
jrf5222 (contributions) Mark Keller (contributions)
Dimitar Dimitrov (contributions) Blacklaser (contributions)
Ryan Conrad Djl5217 (contributions)
Austin Tokarz Cjm5325 (contributions)
Hamed Lashkari DM0lition21 (contributions)
Dimitri Lewicki Jfo5039 (contributions)
Brandon Leshchinskiy Vatlark (contributions)
Abhishek Pathak (contributions) PwNzI (contributions)
Abbie Letts Matt Rockar (contributions)
Steven Rekstad Dms5982 (contributions)
Tom Stewart YaqiYang (contributions)
Eky5006 (contributions)
Xiaomo Zhang (contributions)
Blake Ziegler (contributions)
Yoc5166 (contributions)
Section 1 (6:30-) Section 2 (4:15-) Members Alumni
Andrew Selzer (contributions) Garrett Kline (contributions) ama5229 (contributions) joshj (contributions)
Alex Blenheim (contributions) Stephanie Baker (contributions) marcierengifo (contributions) Jza127 (contributions)
Alexander Kasinec (contributions) Jon Marshall (contributions) Edk5035 (contributions)
Bac5244 (contributions) Jonathon O'Hora (contributions) arfalcsik (contributions)
Ben Visnesky (contributions) Bill Fabrizi (contributions) Dak (contributions)
Steven Crump (contributions) Kyle Schillaci (contributions) mslusher2011 (contributions)
Daniel Guy (contributions) Taylor Hornung (contributions) John O'Brien (contributions)
David Blyton (contributions) Mike Edwards (contributions) CharmQuark (contributions)
Douglas Jordan (contributions) Kerry Brunner (contributions) Nix-7c0 (contributions)
Graham Zimmerman (contributions) Katerina Kostadinova (contributions) Jgb5067 (contributions)
Gregory Mann (contributions) Joe Kotvas (contributions) aeb5404 (contributions)
Joe Bartolai (contributions) Alex Thomson (contributions) Nathanb (contributions)
John Oronzio (contributions) Anil Senturk (contributions) eas5311 (contributions)
Jonathan Snyder (contributions) Matt Samperi (contributions) ksalitrik (contributions)
Kiley Coombe (contributions) Herschel Pangborn (contributions) EtherDais (contributions)
Mallory Guarino (contributions) Dan Shriver (contributions) dpd5061 (contributions)
Maria Poluch (contributions) Kristen Murray (contributions) Samkountz (contributions)
Nick Pinn (contributions) Ryan Mannino (contributions) KtripPSU (contributions)
Nithin Thomas (contributions) Andrew Oreskovich (contributions) jwo5069 (contributions)
Thomas Stitt (contributions) bjs5286 (contributions) igm5007 (contributions)
Tony Burt (contributions) JLaz (contributions)
Sami Yuhas (contributions) php5014 (contributions)
rbdschur (contributions)
schienke (contributions)
StephenThor (contributions)
mtg5072 (contributions)
ncw5018 (contributions)
dcm5154 (contributions)
Filmgineer (contributions)
mzd149 (contributions)
mnk5084 (contributions)
sme5095 (contributions)
sem5354 (contributions)
nop5031 (contributions)