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This page is a summary of 3D printing stories in press/tv/etc with a focus on RepRap in particular, but with some inclusion of other similar technologies.

Rules: Add entries by year, including the date, a relevant link, what the original source is (especially if you have a youtube video from some TV show), and a note of who added that example (you, as in your name on this wiki).


March 23rd; The RepRap blog started [[1]] -JLaz

June 2nd; Reprap project discussed in "The Machine that can copy anything" by Simon Hooper on [[2]] -DSJ


February; 'Neil Gershenfeld on Fab Labs' a TED talk about a (much higher cost) mobile fabrication laboratory, and enabling consumers to produce products for a "market of one". [3] -joshj



June 4; The Telegraph releases a science article about self-replicating robots leading into the RepRap. Parts of the article discuss the possible implications and advantages of a low cost 3D printer that can replicate its own parts and evolve. [[4]]



April 30; 'The disruptive future of printing' an article by Bill Thompson of the BBC about RepRap and its future. [5] -joshj

November 10; 'It Will Be Awesome if They Don't Screw it Up: 3D Printing...' a whitepaper by Michael Weinberg of Public Knowledge discussing the legal implications of widespread 3D printing. [6] -joshj

December 20th; 3d printing: the state of the art. [7] - MReng

December 31st; 11 3d printing predictions for the year 2011. [8] - MReng


January 12; 'The Wow Factor of 3-D Printing,' an article in the New York Times about consumer 3-D printers. It mentions Reprap, MakerBot, and Bits From Bytes. [9] -rbdschur

January 19th; 3d printing now in Titanium! [10] - MReng

April; Copyright questions as 3d printing comes of age. [11] - MReng

June 8th; Bre Pettis, founder of Makerbot Industries, makes a guest appearance on the Colbert Report discussing the relevance of 3D printing in modern society [[12]] - ktrippsu

August 16th; How 3d printing will revolutionze everything it touches [13]- MReng

August 23rd; Makerbot announces that they are accepting $10 million in startup money[[14]] -DSJ

Fall 2011; Open Hybrid Mendel Design is tested at Penn State University Park Campus. Not really a media link, but I've put this here so you can think about this. -DSJ

September 16; BBC News article on a new application of 3D printing 'Artificial Blood Vessels Created on a 3D Printer' [[15]] - JLaz

September 20; Article on the Make blog about a working AR-15 magazine on thingiverse. [16] -joshj

September 20; 3d printer for kids in the works! [17] -MReng

October 3rd; Albensi Labs use 3D printing for dental restoration making the turnaround time drop from 7 days to 2 days. [18] -MReng