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This page is dedicated to the PSU Unit Yellow 3D printer. This unit will follow the design of the Open Hybrid Mendel developed by students of the EDSGN 497 class at The Pennsylvania State University.

Operating Specifications

Operating Specifications
Name Status Design Electronics Firmware Extruder Running Temp Comments
Yellow Yellow Running Ohm RAMPS ??? ??? 202C

Works in Progress

Class Log

1/22/2013: Leveled the bed plate on our COM3 printer. Tried to run a few prints with minor success. COM3 still needs fine tuning and some bugs worked out with the extruder. Extruder drive gears are not meshing properly causing the motor to click or skip. Some setup work was done to COM5 to get it soon ready to print. Tightened some slides and drive belts in hopes to get it up and running next class. Was experiencing some issues driving the one axis. Next time: Continue tuning both printers.

1/24/2013: COM3 printer was still experiencing problems with the extruder. The extruder was replace with the one off of COM5 printer. After readjusting the axis limits, the COM3 printer was extruding very well. It successfully printed three small parts. Some of the axis were skewed. Minor tunings were made to the frame to straighten the prints. More tuning is necessary to get quality prints. COM5 is down due to no extruder, z drive motors acting goofy, y axis motor twitches after being used.


Spring 2013 Yellow team:

Btz5006, Djl5217, Vatlark, MarkKeller22

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