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This page is for information about the PSU Unit White (Ψ). This unit is of the Mendel/Prusia hybrid variety. All of the printed parts were printed by other units in our group.

Printer Status

Status: OperationalDot2.jpg

Operating Temperature: 201 (ºC)

Needs: Nothing at the moment.

PSU Unit White - Current Condition

Print Problems And Solutions

Prints were leaning to one side.
Reattached the Y-axis pulley securely.
Motors were getting very hot.
Adjusted the potentiometers so the motors had just enough power to drive the axis and run the extruder.
Tip temp. read '2511' in Repsnapper.
Reconnected thermocouple more securely.
Extruder motor gear slipping.
Super-glued gear to motor shaft.
The extruder bolt was mis-alinged so the filament was not feeding.
Adjusted the spacing of the extruder bolt with washers.

Assorted Prints


<videoflash type="youtube">NUG-33G0zaU?hd=1</videoflash>

White Team Members

This machine was assembled by:

  • Nicholas Whalen
  • Michael Testa

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