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On this page you will find the current status of the Unit M Mondo. Our Mendel Unit is a Techzone laser-cut Mondo. So far, we have replaced the extruder (11/8/12) since the Techzone wooden extruder used springs to tension the idler. The new extruder improves this by using two bolts to tighten the idler. Eventually the plan is to use this large unit with a dual extruder. Much more information can be found at RUG/Pennsylvania/State_College/Dual_Extruder

We are having trouble getting the Techzone thermocouple and tip board working with Ramps. Currently we are using an additional thermistor attached to the hot tip, but this is causing a lower temperature to be read by the board.


Slic3r Configuration File

Here is our current configuration file for the PSU Mondo: File:Mondo.ini.txt

Spring 2012

Operating Specifications

Operating Specifications
Name Status Design Electronics Firmware Extruder Temperature Comments
Mondo Mondo Not Working Mondo Ramps V1.4 Marlin Joe/Kevin/Wade/Greg extruder 200C Mostly Assembled, Tuning Required

Build Status

What has been done: Frame assembly, Electronics installation, Replaced Thermistor with Thermocouple, Adjusted Steps/mm, Adjusted BOD rate to in Marlin to 115200, Tuning of Motor steps/mm.

Mostly up and Working, small adjustments may be needed.

What needs to be done: Fine tuning of Slic3r settings (Current Slic3r configuration file coming soon). Some motor belt adjustment may be required. Exact bed size to be determined.

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