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20131205 202322.jpg
Big Red
Color: Red
Extruder: .35mm
Temperature: 210C
Design: Open Hybrid Mendel
Electronics: Rambo
Firmware: Marlin
Operation Status: Thumb down.png


This is the page for the State College Rep Rap User Group's (SCRUG) 'Big Red' 3D printer. The printer was developed, assembled, and is currently operated by students in Penn State's Engineering Design 497J course and members of the 3D printing club. Our goal is to continuously tweak the printer until it is ready for distribution and sale to other departments in the University and local schools and businesses.

This printer is mainly comprised of red frame pieces.


Date Modification / Problem
12/05/2013 Occasional M999 Error. Recommended use for prints under 1 hour.
12/03/2013 Plastic Spool being tangled fixed. Working well.
09/04/2013 Tightened the Z-Axis/Motor holder (electronics side)


About this printer

This printer was printed and built by the following three indiviuals on the build team:

We originally hoped to print all pieces in red, however due to the limited supply of red plastic we were forced to choose a different color. This particular class has been producing 3D printers from scratch. Most of the printers assembled are OHM printer models but each semester parts for the printers are being innovated and changed. For example, a few structural pieces for our printer have been tweaked to better accommodate the use of our printers. Also for our end stops we are transitioning from light sensors to touch sensors. Another change is we are changing the electronics system of our printers to the RAMBo electronics.