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Welcome to the State College RepRap User's Group Wiki!

  • Our meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 7pm at The Make Space, downtown in the alley behind Green Bowl and the Frasier Street garage.
  • Thank you for visiting our page. We are a group of RepRap users based out of Penn State & the State College area. We participate in designing new parts and improvements for RepRap and have created a new merging of the Mendel and Prusa RepRap designs which we call the Open Hybrid Mendel, or OHM for short. We also are developing the RepRap Mullis as a low-cost laboratory robot capable of preforming DNA amplification via a polymerase chain reaction.
  • Our project is combined with class offerings at Penn State, so if you are interested and attend PSU be sure to contact us for information!

What's New?

For what used to be new, check PSU RUG History.

  • 11.12.12: Participated in the PSU Hackathon held this past weekend.
  • 9.17.12: Archived news 3+ months older. More news should be posted soon!


A picture of the Printiverse homepage.

Printiverse is the website for the 3D printing service hosted here at Penn State where students and faculty can submit orders for their designs to be 3D printed. In addition the website also contains a database of the prints that have been completed as well.

Submission Process

All order submissions go through a four step process known as; Pending, Approved, In Progress, and Complete.

  • Pending: The designs are simply in the queue waiting to be evaluated by the print service to see if it passes specifications, if specifications are not passed the designer is informed of design problems and encouraged to resubmit.
  • Approved: Once past inspections the designs are in a queue waiting to be assigned a member of the print service team.
  • In Progress: A member of the print service team has been assigned to print the submission and it is being printed by one of the machines.
  • Complete: The submission is printed and ready for pickup, in addition the Printiverse database is updated with a picture and relevant information.

Electronics & Software

  • All information about our electronics including firmware that we use can be found here.
  • Anything and everything that deals with software will be here eventually. (WIP)

Members, Projects & Exceptional Edits

Our Members and Alumni can be found here.

Mullis Open Source PCR machine.
Hot Tip Hot Tip project.
TechZone Projects Projects from TechZone we have completed or plan on undertaking.
Imperial Reprap SAE Discussion on using imperial parts instead of metric.
Razor Blade Designs These are designs for razorblade holders designed by our 497D class.
Pen Plotter A design for a universal pen holder. STL files posted.
CAD files Posting Page for CAD files.
Dual Extruder Progress blog on dual extruder development.
Waste Reclamation System Discussion on recycling print material.
Stepper Paste Extruder Development of paste extruder driven by a stepper motor.
Vertex Parametrization Development of OpenSCAD code for variable-angle vertices.

Our Prototyping Systems

Operating Specifications (Update info on individual pages)
U0 getting somewhere.jpg

Unit Zero


Unit One

Unit Alfa.JPG

PSU Mendel Alpha

Unit Beta.JPG

PSU Mendel Beta

PSU Huxley.JPG

PSU Huxley


PSU [email protected]

PSU Unit Black.jpg

PSU Unit Zeta

PSU Unit Green.jpg

PSU Unit Green

PSU Unit White.jpg

PSU Unit White

PSU Unit Clear2.jpg

PSU Unit Clear


PSU Unit Mondo

Orange5 12.JPG

PSU Unit Orange

Silver5 12.JPG

PSU Unit Silver

Maker Bot5 12.JPG

PSU Unit Maker_Bot

Yellow5 12.JPG

PSU Unit Yellow


PSU Unit Rainbow


PSU Big Red

Printer Status

Operating Specifications (Update info on individual pages)
Name Status Design Electronics Firmware Extruder Temperature Comments
Alpha Alpha Wood ? ?
Beta Beta Wood .35mm 220C Open Hybrid Mendel RAMPS Marlin Thumb uo.png
Huxley Huxley
Black Black Black .35mm 220C Open Hybrid Mendel RAMPS Marlin Thumb down.png
White White White .35mm Hot Tip: 205C Bed: 55C Open Hybrid Mendel RAMPS 1.4 Marlin Thumb down.png
Clear Clear Clear .35mm 220C Open Hybrid Mendel RAMPS Marlin Thumb down.png
Green Alpha Green ? ?
Mondo Mondo Wood ? ?
Yellow & Green Yellow Yellow & Green .40mm 185C Open Hybrid Mendel RAMPS Marlin Thumb uo.png
Silver Silver Silver ? ?
Orange Orange Orange ? ?
[email protected] Purple [email protected] V2 Purple

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