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What's New?

11.8.11: The RepRaps being developed are now completed and printing is underway.

10.13.11: In preparation for TEDx PSU, a RepRaped logo was designed and printed. The STL file is uploaded below in the Files and Firmware section!

10.11.11: The fall semester is in full gear and repraps are being quickly made! These two photos are from the blue team or the "clear mendel" team - MReng

9.15.11: The new units are coming along nicely, check out the current photos below!

8.22.11: The Spring Semester began this year with a new set of students for EDSGN 497C. Along with students from last year's "Alpha" class, the new "Beta" students are making quick work of 4 new Ohm models.

7.8.11: FabLab class at PSU (EDSGN 497C) has a few openings, but anyone having trouble should email the professor [email protected] Audits are more than welcome as well.

6.1.11: Summer FabLab development in full swing printing parts for four printers to be built in class this fall.

4.28.11: Showcased RepRap Mendels at the Penn State Senior Design Fair!

Local Prototyping Systems

U0 getting somewhere.jpg

Unit Zero


Unit One

Unit Alfa.JPG

PSU Mendel Alpha

Unit Beta.JPG

PSU Mendel Beta

PSU Huxley.JPG

PSU Huxley


PSU [email protected]

PSU Unit Black.jpg

PSU Unit Black

PSU Unit Green.jpg

PSU Unit Green

PSU Unit White.jpg

PSU Unit White

PSU Unit Clear2.jpg

PSU Unit Clear


Lever Switch Endstops How to hook up lever switches to replace optical endstops
Tip Profiles Description of tips built by the class.
TechZone InfoHub Collection of links for info on TechZone part builds.
Waste Reclamation System Discussion on recycling print material.
3D Scanner Projects Info page for 3D scanner in 305 Hammond.
Imperial Reprap SAE Discussion on using imperial parts instead of metric.
Heated Bed Discussion on a design for a heated bed.
Electronics Outline and discussion on alternate electronics.
Z Opto Holder A design for a holder for the Z-opto. STL files posted.
Pen Plotter A design for a universal pen holder. STL files posted.
CAD files Posting Page for CAD files
OHM Open Hybrid Mendel
Dual Extruder Progress blog on dual extruder development

Useful Links

Firmware and Files

File:EMFApr29profiles.rar Skeinforge Profiles
File:EMFApr29alterations.rar Skeinforge Alterations
File:Fix.rar AWK Script for fixing Skeinforge
File:EMFapr29awk.rar Happy Vally AWK Directory
File:FirmwareforOneWireAD heatbed brnrd documented here
File:Emf Bestextruder4 07.rar A copy of the extruder code we have been using with max endstops enabled.
File:Psu Bestmobocode2 24 2011.rar TZ Gen3 Mobo code altered for our machines
File:Extruder class jpj12 2011-04-07 temp fix.pde Modified version of Bestextruder4_07 with brnrd's fix for temp overflow bug. DOES NOT WORK
File:SC Skeinforge Mar24.rar Skeinforge Settings as of March 24
File:TEDxCard1.stl Larger TEDx Logo STL file
File:TEDxCard2.stl 75% smaller TEDx Logo STL file




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