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This area is to share and help people in New Zealand with sourcing parts for building Repraps and Repstraps

Due to the different models / construction methods / experimental design work / budgets, a number of different types of suppliers are being listed.

People can add suppliers that they have used or believe have parts that may assist people; People can also add comments about current listed suppliers.

The listed suppliers are not based on lowest price. Check availability and price with supplier before purchase as any information that has been given may have changed.

If adding please list- Company, Country location, Web site and Parts stocked and any other information that may be of help. - RepRot - BAK Rotorua.

New Zealand Filament Suppliers:
  • Diamond Age Solutions NZ [1] - (Vik Oliver) - Sells plastic filaments for RepRap, RapMan, Makerbot and similar 3D printers - PLA - different colours and different dia sizes and qualities, Also ABS. Sells worldwide..
  • MAKERshop NZ [2] - Resells a selection of Diamondage Filaments. As well as 1.75mm PLA and ABS from Flashforge.

New Zealand 3D Printers Suppliers:
  • Bay CAD Services Ltd Napier, NZ [3] -Rapman 3.1 3D Printer Kits , BFB-300 3D Printers.
  • Protoneer ,Wellington, NZ [4] - UP Plus 3D Printer

New Zealand RepRap Part Suppliers:
  • Trade Me NZ [5] - Use search "Reprap" also "3D printers" - Number of people making/selling Reprap parts/components and other bits..
  • Diamond Age Solutions NZ [6] - (Vik Oliver)- Supplying (made on request) M6 brass heater barrels, nozzles, PTFE insulators etc. and will do hot end kits complete with thermistor (PTFE insulator, M6 brass barrel, 4 ohm element in fire cement, 100K thermistor and nozzle to suit). Supplies model helicopter drive belts with free gears.
  • MAKERshop NZ [7] - Most of the electronic and mechanical components are available.
  • Protoneer NZ [8] - Supplier of Openbeam-Aluminium Extrusions, prototyping and automation parts.

New Zealand Component Part Suppliers:
  • Jaycar NZ [9] - Heater driver transistors TIP122, Thermocouple ,Un-insulated nichrome wire WW4040, Electrical components, misc, screws, plug connectors, etc. (Check catalogue, if not locally in stock, local store will often order at no freight, about a week delivery time frame).
  • Element14 NZ [10] (formerly called Farnell) - Major NZ source of electrical components, Thermocouple Amplifier IC AD595AG, Fischer Elektronix WLK5 adhesive thermal conductive - good for glueing heatsinks and power resistors for heated bed - rated up to temp operating 150 C.
  • RS NZ [11] - Electrical components, timing belts.
  • PMB NZ [12] - Electrical components.
  • Kiatronics Tauranga, NZ [13] - Electrical components.
  • Surplustronics NZ [14] - Electrical components. (Note: Stocks Nichrome wire but is un-insulated).
  • South Island Component Centre Limited NZ [15] - Electrical components.
  • Mindkits NZ [16] - Arduino Specialists, Robotics parts - kits -sensors, Polyimide tape (Kapton).
  • Robokits NZ [17] - Robotics parts - Pololu A4983 Stepper Motor Drivers
  • Wattsup NZ [18] - Kapton tape - 10m length 25mm width. Approx $19.00 + freight +gst, Model Helicopter parts.
  • Robotronic NZ [19] - Online shop for electronics and robotics.
  • Nicegear NZ [20] - Online shop for electronics and robotics.
  • Active Components NZ [21] - Electrical components.
  • HiQ Components NZ [22] - Misc Electrical components/hardware/Plastic bits.
  • Dick Smith NZ [23] - mics parts, Electrical components (very limited).
  • Circuit Labs Auckland NZ [24] - PCB circuit manufacture.
  • QualiEco Circuits Auckland NZ [25] - PCB circuit manufacture.
  • PMS Auckland NZ [26] - PCB circuit manufacture.
  • Photo Etch NZ [27] - PCB circuit manufacture.
  • Dotmar Universal Plastics NZ [28] - PTFE, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, other types of plastics
  • NZ Miniature Bearings NZ [29] - Miniature bearings.
  • Local skate shop NZ - 608 bearings.
  • Total Trade Supplies NZ [30] - Steel rods silver steel (both metric and imperial). 0.5 mm, 0.4mm, 0.3mm drill bits - Actetal material - various round diameter core sizes 300mm long (good for machining parts but expensive and wasteful as they come in cylinder shape) - Misc bolts etc.
  • Mico Metals NZ [31] - Misc steel and stainless rods, (usually imperial sizes).
  • Ullrich Aluminium NZ [32] - misc aluminium profiles (minimum 2.5 metre lengths).
  • Anzor NZ [33] - Stainless steel fasteners and threaded rods. Wide range (everything required), cut-to-size service, online product listing and enquiry form.
  • EDL Fasteners NZ [34] - misc screws - bolts
  • Bolt Shop NZ [35] - fastners, based on the North Shore in Auckland, but not as friendly website, still worth asking.
  • Bunnings NZ [36] - misc bolts, nuts, screws, Blue Scotch painters tape (for printing on), tools.
  • Craftrunner NZ [37] - 4.5mm ball-chain.
  • Fire places & WoodBurners sellers NZ - Source of fireproof cement.
  • Repco NZ - Source of fireproof cement, also Loctite Copper Maxx Silicone.
  • Super Cheap Auto NZ - Source of fireproof cement.
  • Molten Media Community Trust NZ [38] 205a Wordsworth Street, Christchurch. Electronics Recycler, sells stepper motors, wiring, and other electronics.

New Zealand Software Suppliers:
  • Bay CAD Services Ltd Napier, NZ [39] - Alibre 3D CAD Software Note: Personal edition doen't allow import of STL files, but will allow objects to be export as STL files - still need to use a program like Blender to modify the exported STL to enable Reprap host software to print objects.

Australia Parts Suppliers (who ship to NZ):

  • Small Parts & Bearings Australia [40] -- Pulleys, belts, bearing, gears (Note-A$50 set freight charge per order).
  • Toysdownunder Australia [41] - Nicrome wire, Bearings, Electrical components, other parts for Repraps
  • AUSXMOD Australia [42] - Stepper-motors recommended by Reprap group Australia.
  • Australian Robotics Australia [43] - Popular SM-42BYG011-25 stepper motor supplier with A$15 shipping to NZ, online ordering.
  • Ocean Controls Australia [44] - Stepper motor drivers [KTA-261 1 axis bipolar, KTA-263 3 axis motor driver].
  • Homann Designs Australia [45] - Gecko stepper motor drivers, stepper motors ].

Also check out the Australian RepRap suppliers:

World Parts Suppliers (who ship to NZ):
  • Reprap parts Lister World [46] - Reprap parts
  • The Big Bearing Store USA, Memphis [47] - Bearings.
  • VXB bearings USA, California [48] - Bearings.
  • Digikey USA [49] - Electrical components.
  • Makerbot USA, NY [50] - Reprap Parts .
  • Makergear USA [51] - Reprap Parts.
  • Reprap stores USA [52] - Reprap Parts.
  • Ultimachine South Pittsburg, USA [53] - Reprap Parts.
  • Techzonecom USA [54] - Reprap Parts.
  • Bits from Bytes UK [55] - Reprap Parts.
  • Mendel Parts.Com UK [56] - Repraps Parts.
  • Reprap Source Germany [57] - Repraps Parts.
  • iPrint3D Belgium [58] - Reprap Parts.
  • 2printbeta Germany [59] - Reprap Parts.
  • Emakershop UK [60] - Reprap Parts.
  • RepRapPro Ltd UK [61] - RepRap Full Kits, Hardware only kits, Parts.
  • Reprap Stores UK [62] - Reprap Parts.
  • Ebay UK [63] - Reprap Parts

Additional customs charges may apply when importing parts into New Zealand:

The current rule appears to be that New Zealand customs will not collect if the total duty to be paid is less than $60.

Charges are usually:

15% GST

$25.30 Import Handling fee (may be charged).

$12.77 MAF Clearance fee

It also depends on what the shipper has declared the item value to be. GST is calculated on the total of Item Value, Shipping and Insurance, and Duty.

Another thing to keep in mind when ordering parts:

To make a Reprap or Repstrap you need parts; you also don’t want to spend a fortune getting them. Time to make and obtain parts and assembly time can be another issue. A lot depends on what you want to get out of building a Reprap type machine.

There are a number of options starting with buying a complete reprap kit of parts from a number of overseas suppliers. The cost of freight due to the weight of a reprap will be an issue.

The next option is to purchase as many of the heavier parts as possible locally, e.g. threaded rods, nuts, washers, bolts. Also purchase other parts that are available in NZ. Check the Reprap New Zealand forums for locally printed Reprap parts ( Using parts from old computer equipment can also reduce costs. You then can purchase the other bits not available in New Zealand from overseas. You need to be careful that you don’t end up paying for a lot of freight with multiple orders or using too many suppliers.

Depending on what machining equipment you have, you can make a lot of the parts and reduce costs as well. If you have the machining equipment you can also play around with changing the design.

If budget is an issue you need to do some homework and estimate all costs before purchasing parts.