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This area is to share and help people in NZ with sourcing parts for building Repraps and Repstraps.

Due to the different models / construction methods / experimental design work / budgets, a number of different types of suppliers are being listed. People can add suppliers that they have used or believe have parts that may assist people; People can also add comments about current listed suppliers.

The listed suppliers are not based on lowest price. Check availability and price with supplier before purchase as any information that has been given may have changed.

If adding please list- Company, Country location, Web site and Parts stocked and any other information that may be of help.

  • Jaycar NZ [1] - Heater driver transistors TIP122, Thermocouple , Electrical components, misc, screws, plug connectors, etc. (Check catalogue, if not locally in stock, local store will often order at no freight, about a week delivery time frame).
  • Farnell NZ [2] - Thermocouple Amplifier IC AD595AG, Lots of electrical components.
  • PMB NZ [3] - Electrical components.
  • Surplustronics NZ [4] - Electrical components.
  • RS NZ [5] - Electrical components.
  • South Island Component Centre Limited NZ [6] - Electrical components.
  • Advanced circuits NZ [7] - PCB circuit manufacture.
  • Small Parts & Bearings Australia [8] -- Pulleys, belts, bearing, gears

(Note-A$50 set freight charge per order).

  • AUSXMOD Australia [9] - Stepper-motors recommended by Reprap group Australia.
  • Carrgroup NZ [10] - PLA ABS.
  • Imagin plastics 1997 Ltd NZ [11] - ABS/PET, ABS/PA, ASA/PBT or PA/PPE.
  • Mindkits NZ [12] - Future Reprap kit to be available for the NZ market (uses locally available bits), supplying PLA, steppers etc [work in progress at present], Electrical components.
  • Wattsup NZ [13] - Kapton tape - 10m length 25mm width. Approx $19.00 + freight +gst, Model Helicopter parts.
  • Total Trade Supplies NZ [14] - Steel rods silver steel (both metric and imperial).

- Actetal material - various round diameter core sizes 300mm long (good for machining parts but expensive and wasteful as they come in cylinder shape) - Misc bolts etc.

  • Micro Metals NZ [15] - Misc steel and stainless rods, (usually imperial sizes).
  • Makerbot USA, NY Makerbot - PTFE barrel, - Nicrome wire- Thermocouple PCB .
  • Ocean Controls Australia [16] - Stepper motor drivers [KTA-261 1 axis bipolar, KTA-263 3 axis motor driver].
  • Bhasha Technologies India [17]- Sanguino micro controller board (note: I/O pins face upwards- may cause issues if using a mother board), USB adapter interface [order as a separate part). note: cable to connect USB I/F to Sanguino micro controller board is not supplied.
  • Dick Smith NZ [18] - mics parts, Electrical components (very limited).
  • Ullrich Aluminium NZ [19] - misc aluminium profiles (minimum 2.5 metre lengths).
  • Bunnings NZ [20] - misc bolts, nuts, screws, tools.