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Regular meetings and general gettings together are held lately at the Reuseum, where one of two known Mendel Repraps resides in Idaho.


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Informally Saturday nights at 6-10pm. Meetings will be announced two weeks in advance.

Regional Robotics Groups & Events

  • First Robotics Competition, First Lego League.
  • Boise Robotics Group (BoRG)

Keyword searches to help you find Geek Groups Meetups

(keywords: your town, artist-run center, artbot, barcamp, dorkbot, experimental media, ham radio, linux, arduino, blender, circuit bending, RC aircraft, rocketry, cnc, etc.) This will require a few google searches, where you enter your town and one of the keywords above into the following string: "Your Town" keyword (meetup OR meeting OR group OR club OR society OR workshop OR hobby) [] []

  • Boise Code Camp: All things code and programming, open source and physical computing useually get the much coveted "wow" factor.
  • Boise 'Bot Competition: Annual creative robotics demonstrations, sumo tournaments, and exhibitions from local hobbyists, professionals and n00bs.
  • Reuseum: Local surplus store emphasizing second tier recycling and creativity with scientific and industrial surplus. Reuseum hosts workshops, hack nights and open houses on all things DIY and tinker friendly.
  • Discovery Center of Idaho: Educational and Scientific epicenter for anyone with a sense of wonder. DCI routinely hosts classes and events having to do with all things science. DCI also hosts the Boise Robotics Group and the Boise Bot Competition.
  • BSU TechHelp: BSU student access to laser and SLA machines. Open to the public by appointment.
  • Tripoli Rocketry club : Community rocketry and science club, coordinating launches, classes, meetings and workshops.

Official RepRap Suppliers

Local Resource & Supply

Local shops may be better or worse than buying from online retailers. This depends on your local shops and what you're getting. Stepper motors you'll want to get online, steel rod - perhaps not. Fasteners, it depends. You may want to check your yellow pages to look these up, as opposed to online. In Idaho, and in particular Boise, as we built our first machines we applied a locavoric attitude to many things and found some items like discount bearings, hardware and electronics vitamins available in the community. It became something like a treasure hunt, and several local businesses have even agreed to keep kits for builders in search of pieces to make progress on our printers.

Thick sheet and RP parts by commissiom are available locally from Idaho RUG users, as well as users on the Reprap forums and IRC.