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Плата подключения ЖКИ индикатора к блокам RAMPS.
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As I were developing the RAMPS 1.7 and RAMPS 1.4.4 shields, I discovered that creating LCD add-on boards would be an interesting way to do further testing and/or add easy-connect functionality to these RAMPS shields.

RAMPS 1.7 - LCD-03

Краткое описание

This LCD board accommodates RepRapDiscount LCDs, both Text and Full Graphics versions, via the EXP-1 and EXP-2 ports


  • As the RAMPS 1.7 shield does not have an AUX-2 connector, this LCD board has an AUX-6 connector, which simulates the AUX-2 port, so it becomes possible to connect LCD displays to the RAMPS 1.7 shield, where the LCD is otherwise designed to connect to the AUX-2 port of a standard RAMPS board.
  • The AUX-3+ connector is duplicated on this board, so it easy to connect SPI items, together with a RRD LCD display.
  • On the RRD LCDs there are provisions for the addition of a Stop or Reset button. This option already has a dedicated wire in the EXP-2 port connector. This wire can be directly connected to the Arduino Reset pin or to D45, by setting jumper J2 on the LCD-03 board.



Плата LCD-03 устанавливается на плату RAMPS 1.7C

Файлы Gerber

Sprint-Layout Файлы печатой платы

Где взять плату RAMPS 1.7 - LCD-03

На данный момент Вы можете загрузить Gerber файлы и отправить их производителю печатных плат. This is however a very low cost, and simple and very straightforward activity by now (2019).

Вы можете обратиться к DirtyPCB, SeeedStudio, JLCPCB, AllPCB, и другим, все они производят хорошие и очень полезные печатные платы.

RAMPS 1.7 - LCD-01

Универсальный двунаправленный 3V <=> 5V конвертер для всех контактов на разъёмах Aux-3+ и Aux-4.

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