Prusa i3 Rework Y axis assembly

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Introduction | Bill of materials | Y-axis assembly | X-axis assembly | Connecting X-axis and Z-axis | Motor assembly

X and Y-axis motions | Heated bed assembly | Extruder assembly | Electronics and wiring | Marlin Firmware

Heated bed mount

Heated bed mount.

Needed parts :

  • Heated bed mount
  • Y Belt Holder
  • 3x Linear bearing LM8UU
  • 2x M3x14 mm screw
  • 2x Ø3 mm waher
  • 2x M3 nut

Mount the Y Belt Holder with two M3x14 mm screws, two Ø3 mm washers and two M3 nuts. Y Belt Holder orientation doesn’t matter.

Place three LM8UU linear bearings and fix them with three zip-ties.

Transverse parts

Needed parts :

  • 4x Y Corner
  • Y Idler
  • Y Motor
  • 1x Ball bearing 608
  • 4x Threaded rod M10x210 mm
  • 22x M10 nut
  • 22x Ø10 mm washer
  • 1x M8x30 mm screw
  • 1x M8 nut
  • 2x Ø8 mm wahser
  • 1x M4x20 mm screw
  • 1x M4 nut

Step 1

Drill with a 10 mm drill the four Y Corner holes (displayed in green). Set counterclockwise rotation and drill progressively and carefully along the axis.

Drilling Y Corner hole.

Step 2

Y Idler assembly: place a M4 nut inside and put a M4x20 mm screw. In case of difficulty, slightly heat the nut using a lighter or a blowtorch and place it with a clamp. Insert a 608 ball bearing into the groove and slide and M8x30 mm screw with two Ø8 mm washers and a M8 nut. You may have to force the screw into the part. Tighten slightly.

Y Idler assembly.

Step 3

Slide the Y Idler assembly in the middle of a threaded rod M10x210 mm and between two Ø10 mm washers and two M10 nuts. Do not tighten the nuts. Thread a M10 nut and washer about 30 mm on both ends. Do the same with a threaded rod M10x210 mm.

Y Idler assembly with threaded rod M10x210 mm.

Step 4

Slide two threaded rods M10x210 mm on the Y Motor and fix it with four M10 nuts and four Ø10 washers. Do not tighten the nuts. Thread a M10 nut and washer about 30 mm on both ends.

Y Motor assembly with two threaded rods M10x210 mm.

Step 5

Take two Y Corners, the Y Idler assembly and the threaded rod M10x210 mm and fix them with four Ø10 washers and four M10 nuts. Do the same with the Y Motor assembly with two Y Corners. In both cases, adjust the distance between two Y corners (186 mm). Slightly tighten the nuts.

Transverse parts assembly.

Assembly with the longitudinal parts

Needed parts :

  • Heated bed mount assembly
  • Transverse parts
  • 2x Smooth rod Ø8x350 mm
  • 2x Threaded rod M10x380 mm
  • 12x M10 nut
  • 12x Ø10 mm washer

Step 1

Take two threaded rods M10x380 mm, slide two Ø10 mm washers and thread two M10 nuts in the middle. Thread a M10 nut and washer about 30 mm on both ends.

longitudinal rods assembly.

Step 2

Insert the previous rods in a transverse side and fix them with two Ø10 mm washers and two M10 nuts. Do not tighten the nuts yet.

Step 3

Insert two smooth rods Ø8x350 mm in Y Corner top until the end. Slide the Heated bed mount assembly on both smooth rods carefully.

Smooth rods Ø8x350 mm assembly.

Step 4

Insert the last transverse side on smooth rods Ø8 and threaded rods M10. Fix them with two M10 nuts and two Ø10 mm washers. Fasten the smooth rods with four zip-ties.

Tighten with a wrench the entire assembly with care. Make sure that the four Y Corners touch the ground. Do not tighten Y Motor and Y Idler nuts.

Aperçu de l’axe Y assemblé.

To finish, make sure that the Y-axis move smoothly. Otherwise, verify the distance between Y Corner lateral faces (186 mm).