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Prusa_i3_Acrylic Documentation
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Prusa i3 Acrylic

Release status: working

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Prusa i3 is a redesign by Prusajr.
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The Prusa i3 Acrylic is a RepRap model originally designed by Josef Prusa. 3D Printer Czar redesigned its Acrylic Frame. Compared to its predecessors and other RepRap machines, Prusa i3 is known for its extreme ease of assembling, reliable printing, and dual extruder option. This kit uses laser-cut acrylic sheets to improve stability. In our experience, the Prusa i3 can be assembled within 3 hours, making it ideal for first-time RepRappers. |license = GPL

Technical Details

  • 8″x8″x7.25″ (20cm x 20cm x 18cm) Build Envelope
  • RAMPS 1.4 Electronics
  • 6mm Acrylic Sheets as Side Support
  • 0.4mm J-head MK IV Hotend
  • 50 micron Layer Height Aachievable
  • MK2A Heated Build Platform
  • GT2 Pulley’s and Belts
  • 12V 15A Power Supply
  • Greg Frost’s Greg’s Extruder

Included in the Prusa i3 Acrylic Kit:


  • MK2A Heated Built Platform (wires and LED pre-soldered)
  • Nema 17 Stepper Motors x 5 (connectors and pins also included)
  • 12V 10A Power Supply
  • RAMPS 1.4 Shield
  • Mega 2560 R3 Control Board
  • Pololu Stepper Driver x 5 (with heat sinks)

Linear Motion

  • GT2 20-Tooth Aluminum Pulleys x 2
  • GT2 Timing Belt 1.7m
  • Hardened Zinc-Coated Precision Rods
  • LM8UU Bearings x 10

Tool Kit

  • 2m Tape Measure
  • Allen Wrench Set
  • 14mm Wrench
  • Circular File
  • Needle-nose Pliers


  • 3mm x 210mm x 200mm Borosilicate Glass plate
  • MKIV J-head hotend (1.75mm with 0.4mm orifice)

Q&A for Prusa i3 Acrylic

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