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Below is a table listing suppliers of filament. Costs are only approximate and are likely to change. Always check before ordering, and if you can, update this page. Please keep the tables in alphabetical order. If there are any missing fields in the table, please feel free to update.

3mm diameter filament

3mm dia filament
Vendor (with link) Shipping location Material(s) Approximate costs Additional notes
3DP-TOOLS From Switzerland ABS CHF 29 / kg, also available on spools worldwide shipping
BotMill From US ABS USD 9.95-11.95 per lb, min 1lb order. Also sells complete reprap mendel kits.
BitsFromBytes From UK ABS, HDPE, LDPE, PLA, PP, uPVC Varies but usually £40-45 in 1kg or 2kg rolls depending on material None
Diamond Age Solutions Ltd. From NZ PLA, ABS NZ$25-30 per 100 metre (0.9kg) roll, approx NZ$20 shipping per roll to Europe/US Various colours & luminous. Also sells parts. Contact vik [at]
FabricationsOfTheMind From UK ABS 1kg – £19.95, 2kg (£15.98/kg) – £31.95, 5kg (£12.99/kg) – £64.95 None
German RepRap Foundation From Germany ABS ABS on spools for a better unrolling (54,95€ for 2,2kg) worldwide shipping
Makerbot From US ABS, PLA ABS USD 10-16 / lb (sold in 5lb lots)
PLA USD 16 / lb (sold in 5lb lots)
MakerGear From US ABS, PLA, HDPE ABS USD 13-16 / 1lb (sold in 1lb & 5lb rolls and 10 ft trial pieces)
PLA USD 11-17.50/lb (sold in 1lb & 5lb rolls and 10 ft trial pieces)
HDPE USD 10 (sold in 1lb rolls and 10ft trial pieces)
New Image Plastics From US ABS, PVC, HDPE, working on PLA ABS USD 8 per lb, min 10lb order phone 330-854-3010 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 330-854-3010 end_of_the_skype_highlighting From US ABS (5 lb minimum order) Call Donna at +1 (330) 854-3010 and tell them Forrest or Reprap sent you.
delivery on small orders tends to take several weeks.
RepRapSource From Germany ABS 99€ / 5kg None
UltiMachine From US PLA USD 9.50-12 / lb (sold in 5lb lots) None From Belgium (EU) ABS, PLA 35€ to 75 / 5kg rolls depending on the material None