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The "Ponoko" RepRap

*Under Construction*


This is a lasercut RapRap (technically a RepStrap) very similar to the BitsFromBytes design but modified to be cut without any routing. It is designed to minimise the number of speciality components and expensive components needed to construct a RepStrap. It uses exactly the same motors and electronics as a Darwin RepRap, and is capable of accepting alternative stepper motors and DC gear motors. The extruders are of an interchangeable design, and are directly interchangeable with a Darwin exchangeable extruder. It is available from Diamond Age Solutions Ltd. (VikOlliver's company) or can be cut from the source files on a service such as [Ponoko|http://ponoko.com Ponoko].

Note that the RepRap and this RepStrap are a research project. This means it can be a bit of an adventure assembling one. This may put you off, or it may improve on the thrill you get from achieving a working machine.


You will need a number of components such as fastenings, basic tools and probably some way of repairing or re-fabricating broken parts. You will need bench space, decent illumination and possibly aids for close-up work. We recommend a smoke detector in your workshop if one is not already fitted.

You will need one of the lasercut kits, fairly obviously. It helps to have already installed the software on your PC and in the electronics kit before you begin construction.


The following pages deal with the assembly of the mechanics. If you start with the first one, it will link you on to the next at the end:

  • PonokoExtruderAssembly
  • PonokoXAxisAssembly
  • PonokoCornerAssembly
  • PonokoFrameAssembly
  • PonokoYAxisAssembly

Ooops. Ran out of steam. You can figure the rest out, right?

Just kidding. I'll be back.

-- Main.VikOlliver - 16 Oct 2008