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A "so far" BOM. If you purchase at least these parts, you will not go wrong. This page is automatically generated. Do not edit it. If you think you need to edit it, contact me first.

  1 0.1uF capacitor
  1 200-300mm of nichrome wire with a resistance of about 8 ohms
  1 35mm piece of 10mm diameter PTFE rod with a 3mm hole drilled down the centre
  1 40mm long piece of M6 brass bolt with a 3mm hole drilled right down the middle
  1 608Z "Sk8er B0yz" bearing
  2 608Z skate bearing
  2 680Z "sk8er b0y" bearing
  3 8mm i/d compression spring approximately 16mm long
  4 M3 12mm screw
 25 M3 16mm screw
 18 M3 20mm screw
 86 M3 25mm screw
 13 M3 30mm screw
  6 M3 40mm screw
  3 M3 50mm screw
150 M3 nut
272 M3 washer
  9 M5 25mm screw
 13 M5 30mm screw
  1 M5 8mm grub screw
  2 M5 Nyloc nut
 21 M5 nut
  1 M5 nyloc nut
 33 M5 washer
  1 M6 32mm o/d washer
  2 M6 dome nut
  2 M6 half- or press-nut
  2 M6 washer
  1 M8 500mm studding
  1 M8 80mm studding
 15 M8 nut
  1 M8 studding 110mm
 11 M8 washer
  2 M8 wide aka fender washer
  1 PTFE tape
  1 gear motor
  2 hole socket strip
  4 large M3 washer
  4 small, stout springs
  1 thick, solid, insulated copper wire

-- Main.RussNelson - 13 Dec 2008