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Pheonix Electronics

Release status: working

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Robust, modular and through-hole RepRap electronics, based on Atmel ATmega644 AVR and Toshiba TB6560 stepper drivers.
CAD Models
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Phoenix is a robust, modular and through-hole RepRap electronics designed to be easy for beginners to construct.

TVRRUG Phoenix 01.JPG


In 2011 a few of us started the Thames Valley RepRap group [TVRRUG] to connect RepRap folk in the area and to embark on build groups designed to bring new folks into the RepRap 3D printing revolution. As part of this we started refining our Mendel Prusa based design and were looking to improve on the existing electronics. We wanted to solve a few of the current design issues as well as move away from the more Berita Terbaru Berita Terkini Berita Hari Ini Berita Terupdate Kumpulan Berita Jasa SEO Murah Jasa SEO Baju Batik Toko Bunga expensive Pololu-based drive modules (Early build discussions). Here are some of the main features we decided as a group:

  1. Completely through hole component design - to make construction accessible to a wider range of folk
  2. Modular, so that single or multiple extruder designs could be catered for
  3. Self maintainable - if you can build it you can replace its modules and or components
  4. Robust - we had experienced thermal and power issues with the existing electronics, we figured we could improve on that


The design is modular and consists of a main controller board (OMC) and up to 3 Stepper modules (DSMs), each of which is capable of handling 2 stepper motors. This allows for designs from the basic single extruder up to more complex builds using three extruders.

  1. Atmel ATmega644 based controller design
  2. Up to 3 extruders (requires 3 DSM modules)
  3. High capacity Heated bed support (up to 20 Amps DC)
  4. On-board SDCard support
  5. Power sequencing (to protect the Toshiba drivers)


Files for the electronics are distributed under the CERN Open hardware license, and are, as such, completely open.


To checkout the very latest version of OMC git clone git://
To checkout the very latest version of DSM git clone git://


Current version is 1.2. All parts for a set (1xOMC, 2xDSM) can be sourced for around £100. Cheapest cost was not one of the highest priorities when designing the boards, and multiple boards and through-hole design is not the most cost effective way of designing the layout; monolithic surface mount is, but this compromises other aims such as user-maintainability.
BOM on GoogleDocs and Visual BOM/Kit parts


See below


Here's a video from early development:
Here's a video of lots of TVRRUG printers using the Phoenix electronics at Brighton Makerfaire


Build Instructions and Wiring


We currently support Marlin firmware. See Phoenix Marlin firmware support

Publicity Lots of mentions on the TVRRUG googlegroup:!forum/tvreprapug