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This pages were written with the intention to help RepRap developers, on seeing how closed source PP3DP UP Printers works.

There are a technical details which we can learn just by seeing it printing -- UP Printer have high print quality then any RepRap printer and also prints support material in a way that is very easy to remove, something not done on RepRap.

Printing "Beefed up idle bracket for Wade's Extruder"

The next video were recorded while printing "Beefed up idle bracket for Wade's Extruder" at 0.4mm layer and "fine" quality (the slowest way UP printer prints). In the end the support material is removed and we can see how easy it is done.

Note that UP Printer software takes small computer resources and it was running on some Windows XP "costumized version" installed over Virtual Box. The PC Operation System is Linux Ubuntu 10.10 (version from 2010 and were Virtual Box is installed).
The computer is old and have just 512MBytes of RAM memory (256MBytes RAM to Linux Ubuntu + 256MBytes RAM to Virtual Box/Windows XP "costumized version").

<videoflash type="blip">AYKf60UC</videoflash>

Here is one picture of final printed part:

Beefed up idle bracket for Wade Extruder.jpg