PCB adaptions for Mendel

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Replacing the connectors on the stepper driver boards

The RJ45 connectors are low-cost, as is the cabling for them. But they are not very neat. To replace them do the following.


Use a pair of tweezers to pull the gold-plated connectors inside the RJ45 shell and push them up through the top. Then pull them out from the top and straighten them out.


Next desolder each connection separately, pulling it out with long-nosed pliers. The plastic shell will then be easy to remove.


This shows all modified connectors. The two RJ45 connectors have been removed as above. The bottom one at A - the MIN connector - has been replaced by a 3-pin 2.54mm-pitch pin-strip connector. The RJ45 connector just above A - the MAX connector - has also been removed, but Mendel doesn't use this so you can leave it there if you like.