Organ Pipe Hotend

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Organ Pipe Hotend

Release status: Experimental

full metal hot end with cooling fan
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This page describes the Organ Pipe Hotend.


The Organ Pipe Hotend derives from its precessor, the Longsword Hotend.

While the Longsword Hotend has a PTFE liner inside the Cooling Bar, the Organ Pipe is a full metal hotend with a continuous barrel from the top of the cooling bar down to the nozzle. Nozzle and barrel are one piece, although the barrel is made of stainless steel, while the nozzle consists of brass. Nozzle and barrel are referred to as the Pipe.

The Pipe can be exchanged very rapidly, allowing swift changes of material types (e.g. from ABS to PLA) without having to clean the barrel.

The Organ Pipe Hotend can be made without any lathe. A drill press will do.