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The Open Hybrid Mendel (or OHM) is a project of the State College Reprap Users Group. It is a Mendel design, which uses both standard Sells Mendel parts, a Prusa Z drive, various redesigns from the community at large, and a number of small design improvements developed in our PSU Reprap class. It is so named due to this hybridization of designs, and obtains the 'Open' designation from the OpenX and OpenY axes it uses. The prototype for the OHM design was Etherdais_Unit_One. On this page there are the sub-assemblies and full assembly of the most up to date OHM design done on SolidWorks. Under each sub-assembly and the final assembly there are screen pictures and zip-files for all the parts. So be prepared because you now have the power to create your very own OHM!


Though all parts work together to make a 3D model somewhat like a human body; we broke the assembly down to five sub-assemblies.


The OHM uses Camiel's thin shelled Vertex design, maintaining vertices similar to the Sells design, but using less filament. The frame has one motor that powers a belt to move the bed in the y-axis. It uses threaded rods to connect the vertices and is the same as the original Mendel design.

Z Axis Assembly

The Z axis uses 2 stepper motors in unison to move the extruder up and down. The stepper motors are mounted to the frame.

X-Z Axis Assembly

Y Bed Carriage

Extruder and Carriage

The OHM uses Wade's extruder or similar extruder designs. Hotend temperature is usually around 200C.