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Nut and Bolt

Release status: working

Nut and bolt assembled.jpg
A minimal hardware project for demonstrating how to use Bountysource with RepRap
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This is a minimal hardware project (equivalent to a "Hello World" program) intended to demonstrate how to use Github and Bountysource to track and fund hardware projects. Github and Bountysource are established websites that are widely used for open source software projects. The purpose of this page is to give an example of how Bountysource can be used to fund an open source hardware project.

This page is simply the "documented solution" to a minimal hardware project described on Github. Please see the related forum threads and wiki pages linked below for additional information on how the process works.

Design Documentation

Obtain a nut and bolt. In this case, the thread size is 1/2 inch diameter with 13 threads per inch (1/2-13). Assemble the nut onto the bolt with a combined twisting and sliding motion. Now you are done.

Pictures and Drawings

These photos show details of the project.

  • unassebled parts shows the 1/2 inch - 13 bolt and 1/2 inch - 13 nut before assembly.
  • assembled nut and bolt shows the parts after assembly.
  • assembly drawing illustrates how the pieces fit together.

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