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Mowi Printer

Release status: experimental

Mowi Printer.jpg
The Mowiprinter is a foldable 3d printer with dualextrusion and a building volume of 260 x 200 x 195mm.
Foldable RepRap, Development
CAD Models
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The Mowi Printer is a foldable 3d printer, folded flat it is small, but opened up it can print big and with two materials. It also has a display for standalone printing. The Mowi printer is still under development so expect the files to change. I also did some manual changes that are not reflected in the files yet.


  • Printing Size: 260mm x 200mm x 195mm
  • Folded size: 400mm x 330mm x 86mm
  • Printed Parts: 8
  • Lasercut parts: 21
  • Bought Parts: ???
  • Electronics: Ramps 1.4

Main Open Issues

  • The printer is not yet stable enough for reliable printing when placed on an uneven surface. (Find a way to fixate Y box to Z Frame for printing)
  • The cables get stuck underneath hinge when unfolding and they get stuck betwee de x endstop and the x carriage.
  • X- Carriage can only be printed with support and needs a lot of cleaning.
  • Dual extruder calibration.
  • Easier Assembly
  • Less different vitamins

Bill of Materials

Not complete

  • Printed Parts
  • Lasercut Parts, birch plywood, 2,3 and 6 mm
  • Electronics: Ramps 1.4
  • Display: RepRapDiscount Smart LCD Controller
  • Heated Bed: MK2B
  • Powersupply: 12V 30A 360W Switching Power Supply, dimensions 199*98*50mm
  • Steppermotors: 3pcs NEMA17 / 0.28Nm / 40mm length, 3pcs NEMA17 / 0.4 Nm / 34mm length
  • Hotends: 2 pcs Hotend 0,35 mm fully assembled for 1,75mm filament
  • Pulleys and belts: GT2
  • Endstops: RepRapDiscount hallendstops
  • Bearings: 11 pcs Lm8uu, 4 pcs 624ZZ
  • Power Inlet
  • Switch
  • USB inlet
  • Smooth Rods 8mm
  • Threaded rods 5mm
  • Woodscrews Countersunk Sp 2,5 x 20
  • Assorted screws, nuts, bolts and washers