Metal Delta RepRap v1

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Metal Delta RepRap v1

Release status: working

the MOST Metal Delta RepRap v1 is a derivative of the Rostock.
CAD Models
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The Metal Delta RepRap v1 uses a upside down Rostock-like stage to move a substrate under a MIG welder. We have demonstrated steel printing using standard welding wire. For details see: Gerald C. Anzalone, Chenlong Zhang, Bas Wijnen, Paul G. Sanders and Joshua M. Pearce, “Low-Cost Open-Source 3-D Metal Printing” IEEE Access (in press). DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2013.2293018 open access preprint

BOM, Build instructions, STL files, etc.

  • How to build - the build is pretty easy by RepRap standards - less than a day when you have the full BOM. Total cost, including the welder is <$1200.