Mendel squaring axes

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Find a flat, horizontal surface to set your printer on


Hang a plumb line from the top of the z-bar to make sure it is vertical. Note: if you have followed the jigging procedure carefully this axis will be square. However, if not, perpendicularity is adjustable. First check your surface which you're measuring on is horizontal. Then adjust the lengths of the frame sides by slackening/tightening the nuts at the frame vertices to change the shape of the triangle. You will need to loosen the z bars before the triangles will change shape.


Use the RP spacer: bed-height-spacer-31mm_1off to get a consistent distance between the y-bar and the underside of the bed for all four corners.


Lower the nozzle to one corner of the bed. Leave a nozzle/bed gap thin enough to slide a piece of paper between the two as a guage. Remove the paper. Disengage the z-belt by loosening the bearing on the tensioner bracket. Slide the carriage to the other end of the x-axis and rotate the relavant leadscrew until the nozzle/bed gap is the same (use paper to test). Take the carriage back and re-iterate. When happy, re-engage z-belt.

X-Y check

Move the nozzle to all four corners of the bed. Any discrepencies can be remedied using the four corner adjuster bolts on the bed.

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