Mendel Electronic Wiring

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This page describes how to wire up RepRap Version II "Mendel".


This is the overall Mendel wiring diagram. It is stored as an [Eagle] schematic in the [RepRap subversion repository here]. Check that link for the latest revisions and corrections. In the diagram above multi-way connections are shown as thick lines with a number next to them. The number is the number of wires in the connection. Single wires are thin and unnumbered.

One Mendel will need:

Follow those links for details on the individual printed circuit boards.

The extruders are connected in parallel to the RS485 and to the SDA and SCL ports on the Motherboard. The system only has four connectors for these on the Motherboard, but you can chain these together up to any reasonable number (in theory it should be possible to drive 64 extruders at once...).