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Terawatt MendelMax 1.6

Release status: working


The RepRap Wiki MendelMax 1.6 page.
CAD Models
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The MendelMax is a variant of the popular MendelMax 1.5 series RepRap 3D printer. The design is 100% metric and uses 8mm smooth rails and leadscrews - there are no 10mm linear components.

Upgrades in the 1.6 version (compared to 1.5) include:

  • Universal Y-Axis Plate with printed/molded/machined spacers and printed/molded/machined pillow block mounts for use with retainer rings (the Kuehling's style clamping mounts still work too).
  • Adjustable Y-Rod mounts for 8mm smooth rails. This results in no rod-spacing inconsistencies between the Universal Y-Plate (CNC machined) and the old Y-rod mounts.
  • [ 00str00der belt-driven extruder] with adapter plate
  • (optional) Side-mounted filament spool holder inherited from PrismX (not pictured)
  • Updates already included in TW MendelMax 1.5 for LM8UU:
    • Kuehling's X-ends for LM8UU and 8mm precision leadscrew w/flanged nut
    • (optional) Z-axis top leadscrew constraints
    • Motor mounts for 8mm smooth rail
    • Z-axis top vertices for 8mm smooth rail

MendelMax 1.6 Specifications

Manufacturer Terawatt Industries
Model MendelMax 1.6
Technology FFF/FDM
Size 440mm (W) x 440mm (L) x 410mm (H)
Weight ~11 kg (gantry only, not including motors, PSU, wiring, etc.)
Max Potential Build Envelope 200mm (W) x 200mm (L) x 200mm (H)
Cost to build approximately $1500USD (from manufacturer); can be self-sourced for approximately $1000USD

MendelMax 1.6 Features

  • Aesthetic parts; Terawatt Industries plastic parts are specifically printed in ABS and PLA for strength and durability.
  • 5-motor design.
  • The 00str00der belt-driven extruder.
  • 8mm smooth rails throughout.
  • Universal y-axis plate, GT2 belts and pulleys. The y-axis belt is designed to loop around the bottom extrusion to maximize z-axis travel. With the universal plate this design is light, fast, and accurate.
  • GT2 belts and pulleys throughout.
  • Mounts for power switch and power supply on the frame.
  • Filament spool holder. There are two versions - the original that sits on top of the frame, and a newer one for the side of the frame (a filament guidler is recommended for the latter).

Printed Parts

The printed parts BOM is listed at

Non-Printed Parts

The extrusion profile is the same as the original MendelMax 1.x series. The complete BOM for hardware and vitamins is in the Github repo at

Build Instructions

The [ Terawatt Industries MendelMax 1.5 for LM8UU assembly guide] is slightly outdated, but about 90% current. Also, TW has more reference photos and guides available on its site and through direct contact.

Additional notes:

  • Assembly of the adjustable y-rod mounts is slightly different from our guide and requires extra t-slot nuts and hardware. Otherwise assembly is performed at the same time, and the only other difference is that the Universal Y-Plate should be used to adjust the y-rod mount spacing.
  • The 00str00der has an adapter plate for the Kuehling's x-carriage in the MendelMax 1.6. It is recommended to be assembled independently first - then attached to the adapter plate - then attached to the machine. Just like our older version of the extruder, the 00str00der has its own assembly guide (on this wiki).
  • The filament spool holder does not require t-slot nuts and uses acetal bushings instead of 608 bearings.
  • The post-assembly nut clamps included in the design files provide incredibly strong post-assembly mount points. Our assembly guide specifies t-slot nuts that will be used for things like wiring mounts and RAMPS - and this brings the BOM tally to over 100. With the nut clamps you can use less of these. Conversely, the nut clamps are also large, so t-slots look more conspicuous. In lieu of specific amendments to the t-slot numbering in the guide, if there are an odd number of t-slot nuts specified, you can use an even number and be sure that a post-assembly clamp will suit you later, if you desire.


The MendelMax 1.6 is formerly known as the Terawatt Industries MendelMax 1.5 for LM8UU. The design has gone through enough variation that we should have renamed it long ago. It's ancestry reads like this: MendelMax 1.0 -> MendelMax 1.5 -> TW MendelMax 1.5 for LM8UU -> MendelMax 1.6. Terawatt Industries MendelMax 1.5 for LM8UU was a mashup of opensource MendelMax variations and custom designed parts. With enough variations it deserves its own version number in the 1.x family.

The MendelMax 1.x series is one of several early aluminum extrusion-based designs. An even earlier extrusion-based design is the Prism Mendel, and there are others.

Further Development

Terawatt Industries has ceased development on this model. The design is considered stable and has been superseded by other models we actively develop.