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M Prime One

Release status: working

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free, simple 3D printer
CAD Models
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M Prime One це безкоштовний 3D-принтер задуманий бути простим, низька вартість і простота складання і використання.

With the M Prime One, we have designed a 3D printer focusing on three main points:

  • Free design. The printer have been designed from scratch in a free 3D software: FreeCAD. All the files have been published under the less restrictive license we have found (CC BY 4.0). This way anybody can download the files, modify them and use them for their own purposes.
  • Simplicity. The design has few different parts (for example, cold bed, 4 motors, just two types of screws and one type of radial bearings) in an effort to reduce building complexity, cost and maintenance.
  • Documentation. Apart from the files, you can find the printer firmware, list of materials, slicing profiles... in the repository, receive support in our Q&A site and soon read the complete assembly manual in the manuals repository.

Технічна характеристика

The features of the M Prime One are:

  • Printing surface: 200x150x150mm.
  • Resolution up to 0.05mm layer height
  • 1.75mm bowden extruder.
  • Compatible with any hotend with 12mm diameter mount.
  • Magnetic bed, easy to place and remove.
  • Auto-level system with inductive/capacitive sensor.
  • Cable management integrated in the design
  • Integrated electronics holder (compatible with RAMPS or SAV Mk1, can be adapted to other boards)
  • Optional LCD holder (compatible with Smart Controller)

Як побудувати M Prime One

We are currently documenting the project, but the files have already been released and you can build the printer. You can find all the necessary files in the following links:

Схема підключення

M Prime One wiring diagram A4.svg