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Lulzbot Prusa Mendel

Release status: Working

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The Lulzbot Prusa Mendel is a slightly tweaked version of the RepRap Prusa Mendel 3d printer. Most of the small tweaks made were for sustainability, ability to upgrade, and to streamline some of the building process. Otherwise, the Lulzbot Prusa Mendel is very similar to the popular Prusa Mendel build.

Here you will find more info about the printer, where you can buy one, how to get your Lulzbot printer setup and running, and version updates.

Getting Started

If you have just received your printer, congrats! You're so close to printing cats and moustaches you can practically taste it (PLA and ABS plastic is not very tasty or healthy to eat, btw). However, before you unpack your printer be sure to read the instruction manual. The manual includes instructions on unpacking the printer and setting it up. You can also find the instructions here on the RepRap wiki by going to the Getting Started page. The Getting Started page will contain the most recent changes and additions to the manual plus some extras that you can not find in the printed manual. Be sure to check it out.

Obtaining a LulzBot Prusa Mendel

Currently you can order a Prusa Mendel from our store. You can find the product page here. We ship out assembled printers within two business days. Also, we only list items on our store that are currently in stock and ready to ship. With that said, you can expect to receive your printer within 6-10 days after completing your order (within the US).

Printer Specfications

The LulzBot Prusa Mendel is an assembled 3D printer including all of the needed hardware and electronics to print ABS and PLA plastic 3D parts. Following are the included components and capabilities of the printer.

  • Print area: 180mm x 175mm x 100mm
  • Capable of printing ABS and PLA plastic
    • Default setup is for 3mm plastic filament. The Budaschnozzle hotend can be made to work with 1.75mm filament by changing the interior PTFE tube.
  • As with most RepRap 3D printer designs, this printer is capable of printing its own upgrades and additions.

Configuration Files

For configuration files including firmware and Slic3r configurations please go to our Aleph Objects configuration page.

Firmware files have the default settings configured for the LulzBot printers. The only thing you will need to change are the e-steps. The e-steps settings for you printer can be found on the printer information sheet you should have received with the printer. If you do not have this sheet, please send us a message including your printer number (p#) and we can get a copy of it to you.