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" this page is currently under construction "

Here we try to develop a commonly accepted policy for external links. Forum discussion starts here:,437922,443652#msg-443652

External linking

External links to these places are always allowed anywhere: GitHub, Youtube, Youmagine, Thingiverse, Reddit, Imgur, personal blogs, Hackaday,

However for the purposes of maintenance do not link to search results.

Commercial linking

External links to companies selling a product (or your ebay page) are always prohibited, except for the following cases

  1. If you sell a product you developed, you may have a link to your company on your product's wiki page in the "how to get it section".
  2. Every vendor can have a link to their company (or ebay page) in their Wiki User Page, Wiki Talk Page, and Forum signature.
  3. Approved links are allowed on RepRap Buyers' Guide
  4. Approved links are allowed on Printing Material Suppliers
  5. Approved links are allowed on Hot End Comparison

The RepRap Buyers' Guide, Printing Material Suppliers, Hot End Comparison pages have talk pages which are used for submitting table entries, these are subject to verification and are no guarantee your entry will be added. They are also periodically checked.

Broken commercial links are removed on sight.

It is the responsibility of the company to maintain their links.

Links to vendors and products found to be counterfeit or carrying counterfeit goods will be removed on sight,

Pricing information on the wiki is always prohibited.

License Usage and sources